TidalFit Premium EP-14

Innovative engineering and artistry

The basic configuration of Tidalfit can be paired with your choice of the Dual Badu Swim Jet System or the Quad Swim Jet System. The DirectFlow Hydrotherapy System can be added to give your pool a relaxing and therapeutic option.Dual Badu Stream Jet System jets provides the safest, most powerful swimming system available on the market today. Two large, adjustable swim jets provide a strong current and can be adjusted to a softer current for beginning swimmers.

The Quad Jet System is powered by four large 4HP, adjustable swim jets. This system is one of the most powerful jet systems available and provides a desired workout for swimmers of all levels. From intermediate to advanced, the currents can be adjusted to meet the desired resistance


Primary Specs
Dimensions 168 x 91 x 52 in. (427 x 231 x 132 cm)
Water Capacity 1,750 gal (6,625 L)
Dry Weight 2,250 lbs (1,020 kg)
Full Weight 16,845 lbs (7,640 kg)
Heaters 5.5 kW (North America, 60 Hz) / 3.0 kW (Export, 50 Hz)
Filters Microfilter & 50 sq ft Filter

Standard Features

6 in. Maximum Tapered ASTM Super Deluxe Safety Cover

With this deluxe cover, your pool will stay protected and well insulated to keep in the heat.

Advanced Digital Control System

This sleek LCD back-lit display controls multiple functions in 4 different languages.

Water Features

The Pro EP-15 & PowerPlus EP-16 come standard with a dual 9 in. waterfall.

Kingwood Cabinetry

These cabinets are beautiful, long-lasting Kingwood that adds years of maintenance-free life to your spa.


Grab Rails

These rails offer extra stability when exercising and stretching.


Every TidalFit comes with a standard heater to warm your pool to the perfect temperature in any climate.

Full Foam with ABS Bottom

TidalFit models come standard with full foam insulation and an ABS bottom to protect against environmental elements. (ProPlus EP-16 is equipped with full foam and a metal frame).

12 V – 5 in. Spa Light

This 5 in. spa light illuminates your pool during dark hours.

Hi-Flo Circulation System

Hi-Flo circulation keeps your water circulating efficiently and helps your pool stay clean.