Grill Dome 22″ XL Kamado Grill (Sample)



Width: 7
Height: 5
Primary Specs
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Additional Specs
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Comes in 5 Colors!






More Details


More Details

Cook anywhere from 200 degrees to 750 degrees+ F.

  • Smoke briskets
  • BBQ fall off the bone ribs
  • Grill juicy chicken
  • Sear succulent steaks
  • Bake brick-oven pizzas
  • Cook breakfast or desserts
  • and much more…

Terapex ceramics is an all-natural ceramic formulation designed to perform–hold temperatures longer, burn less fuel, cook juicier foods.

Grill Dome comes with several features that set it apart from the competition.

  • Thicker cermaics: Our ceramics are almost twice as thick as the competition. Our special Terapex ceramics are designed to maximize heat retention and moisture retention. With thicker ceramics you will be able to control temperatures much easier in colder climates and burn less fuel during the cook because of efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty 304: Grill Dome offers 304 stainless-steel hardware standard on all models. Ceramics don’t rust, so why buy a model with hardware that will?
  • Featherlite hinge: Our exclusive Featherlite hinge allows you to lift the lid with just a few fingers.
  • Sleek finish: Set your backyard apart from the rest with Grill Dome’s sleek finish and color selection. Grill Dome offers the widest color selection in the category.
  • Best warranty in class: The fit and finish on the Infinity Series are unmatched. Lifetime warranty on ceramics against cracking due to heat; lifetime warranty on hinges against rusting, and even a five-year warranty on our gaskets.

Grid List

Rust Free Design

Ceramics don't rust! Stainless guaranteed against rusting

Folding Grate

Add charcoal on the go!

Complete Control

Dial in airflow on top and bottom vent

Featherlite Hinge

Left with 2 fingers

Thickest Terapex Ceramic Walls

1/5" thick ceramics captures heat and developes 20% juicier results

Height Matters

Normalize heat adequately in vessel and cook on 3 levels

Read For The Weekdays!

Ready to cook in 15 min! Reuse unconsumed charcoal!

Best Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on ceramics. Lifetime warranty against rusting on hinge. 5 year on gaskets! (compared to 30 days)