7 Ways a Hot Tub is Better than a Couch

Football season is upon us and our couches are anxiously awaiting our undivided attention as we gather round to cheer on our favorite team.

This season, let�s do something different. Let�s throw caution to the wind and give our backsides a much needed change.


are 7 ways a hot tub is better than a couch:

Get some fresh air! Pull your TV outside and watch the game while soaking in your hot tub. You�ll have the best seat in the house!
Small living room? By adding a hot tub to your backyard, you�re essentially creating another outdoor space that people will love to hang out in.
When you sit in a hot tub, the hot water helps increase blood flow and circulation. When was the last time your couch did that?
There�s a reason it�s called Hot Tub Time Machine and not Couch Time Machine.
When was the last time someone invited you over to come and check out their new couch? They didn�t. Couches are boring. Hot tubs are not.
Jets. Need we say more?
Now that hot tubs come in cool team colors � you can finally prove to your friends that you are in fact, the team�s #1 fan.

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